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Concrete Pumping Services in Melbourne


In the late 1980 construction in the central business district of Melbourne was very high. Therefore most of the concrete used was specialized into general concrete used to pumping to 55 storied buildings, high strength category used for pumping to 50 story houses and the shotcrete mainly used for site retention. Another type was the silica fume concrete used for economic modeling in Australia. The available concrete had a density of 200 to 300kgm3 which still holds up to date. Due to this loose density, there was s need to shift to the densified concrete of about 800kgm3 and after testing its properties strength of performance, efficiency factor, concrete shrinkage and its effect on water demand.


Pumping was being done for supply pressure between 11600 psi used for 55 story tower with the batches being pumped up to level 17 with a lot of ease. Melbourne had a chance to supply the 80MPa in trials which enabled them to establish the filed properties. Also, there was 90 MPa pump mix which was not a trial but an actual requirement. Concrete at this pressure was required for a few columns that supported upper section of the grandstand. The ingredients used were similar to the one utilized for the 11600 psi concrete. The main distinguishing feature was the lower content of water-cementitious inclusions ration of around 0.29.Getmelbourne concrete pumping here!


A 30 mPashotcrete was used for horse swimming pool and was pumped to inverted sections and applied with a reasonable hang. The pump consultants and the main contractor conclude to use shotcrete for the upper deck which used on four rounds diving a total of 65ml. It was also tried at the Palladium project where the primary purpose was for site retention with the vertical sections varying from 300m to 4m. They were sprayed to the maximum heights in one round. Another site was at the tunnel at Forest near Geelong which had roofs of up to 150mm thickness. For more details about concrete pumps, visit http://infamous.wikia.com/wiki/Concrete.


Another concrete pumping also took place in Southbank Boulevard where it was required for basement slabs and that the concrete is sulphate and groundwater penetration resistant for the 1500m3 a pressure of 40 MPa was used to pump the mix which contained nine percent of silica fume. Other applications required that the cement be non-super plasticized with an 80mm slump and have a 0.42 ration of water-cementitious materials. A comprehensive strength of 63.7 MPa was needed for the 55 batches and 50mm slump delivery. Pumping and placement of both 58MPa and 63.7 MPa proceeded well, and there were no problems reported. The pressures of the pumps were reduced, and a high standard surface finish was adopted. In the long run after all trials, various types of concrete proved to be successful, and a market started for such types in Melbourne and abroad. Get line pump hire here!